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Monday, 23 October 2017

Tips for City Girls

I can't quite believe that it's already been over 2 years ago that I started my first full time job in London.  God was I nervous. Although for me London has grown to become one of my favourite places - I LOVE IT. (Please excuse  my excitement). The atmosphere is quite simply amazing. However I am STILL struggling with the early mornings and I'm 100% guilty of pressing the snooze button one too many times.  I'm sure lots of you too have to be up early for work and struggle (I hope I'm not  the only one) so here are my top tips that I have learnt over the past couple years to save you rushing about frantically in the morning. 

First of all, dry shampoo is your new best friend.  Not just washing but also drying my hair can take up an awful lot of time in the mornings.  I like to wash my hair on a Sunday evening and leave it to dry naturally for the most part whilst watching television and then finish it off with the hairdryer to avoid it going frizzy.  Then as the week goes by I gradually add dry shampoo and put my hair into an up do as and when needed.  I have two favourite dry shampoos, Light Blonde by Batiste which is great for covering up unwanted roots and COLAB which is an 'invisible' formula which does the exact same as normal dry shampoo but it doesn't leave any horrible powdery residue behind in your hair.  

Whilst we are on the subject of hair I couldn't do this post without mentioning my beloved Wet Brush.  When I wake up in the morning in the mornings I have the most tangled and knotted hair you could imagine.  My Wet Brush glides through my hair so easily and gets out tangles that I would be trying to get out with a normal brush for hours.  

Very early mornings have unfortunately created very dark circles so you need to have a concealer that you can rely on.   At the moment one of my personal favourites (and everybody else's) is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I just swipe it all under my eyes and blend it out with a fluffy brush or use fingers. It truly is a full coverage concealer and feels so smooth and silky on the skin. It's also very affordable as you get it for £4.99 in Boots or Superdrug and it's often included in some sort of promotional offer.  This is a good thing as you will be going through a lot of it - trust me. 

I have often been in the situation where I have opted staying in bed for an extra 15 minutes instead of putting on any makeup and having to apply it on the train - I'm that girl. Swirling my big fluffy brush around in my bronzer and blowing the excess off onto the mans shirt sitting next to me - whoops.  However if you plan things ahead you should have enough time to do your makeup  at home. Being organised is key. Pick out your clothes the night before so you can focus on the things that have to be done in the morning.  It's honestly saves you so much time not having to rush about and look for tights that don't have holes in or a blouse that isn't missing a button.  I must admit I am not always this organised but I find when I am my morning goes a lot more smoothly. 

Finally I think my most imprtant tip would be to make sure you get enough sleep.  It sounds so simple but I know for sure I get carried away scrolling through Twitter and then have the realisation that I need to be up in five hours.  I feel more fresh and ready for the day when I have had a good amount of zzz's. Put your phone down and get your beauty sleep.  

What helps you cope with early mornings? 

Rach x

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