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Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Wet Brush


Set a side your tangle teezer and welcome your hair's new bestfriend.  For years I always used my trusty tangle teezer and always said that nothing else could tame my extremely knotty hair.  I take good care of my hair but nothing will ever stop the knots and tangles it ends up in after washing my hair.  For the last year I have been using the Wet Brush after seeing in mentioned on various beauty blogs and YouTube channels.  

After getting out the shower I am able to pull this brush through my hair without any discomfort.  It gets rid of the tangles and doesn't snag or pull on any of the knots.  It has made what was once was a chore a quick and easy task. It also works just as well on dry hair as it does on wet.  I now won't use any other brush on my hair, if I'm away from home and forget to pack this little gem I am so annoyed with myself. After using the Wet Brush every other brush feels as if it is causing damage to your hair.

I definitely think it's one of the most underrated beauty products! If you have similar problems to me with hair then I would pick one up! You can buy them on amazon or in boots for less than £10. 

Rach x 

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