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Sunday, 8 November 2015

St Tropez Gradul Tan In Shower Review

When this in the shower tanning lotion by St Tropez first hit the shelves in boots I couldn't contain my excitement.  1) because St Tropez have to be up there with one of my favourite tanning brands as they almost never disappoint and 2) the thought that I could tan whilst in the shower? In just three minutes? Perfect.  

I have always been a fan of fake tan. I don't know about you but when I have tan on I a feel so confident and like I just generally have my life together? Probably just me.   However it can be such a chore and after a long day at work and then the commute home its the last thing I can be bothered to do.   This is why this quick and snappy solution intrigued me.   I thought if this works there is absolutely no reason that I shouldn't be golden brown at all times.   

For this tan all you have to do is pop in the shower as normal, turn the shower off and apply it all over your skin in circular motions, wait three minutes and wash off.   It really is that simple.  

I really wished I loved this product as I think the concept is amazing but for me the colour pay off  just not good enough.   Its a gradual tanner so I expected that you would have to repeat the process a few times before having a noticeable colour but even then I wasn't too impressed.   I much prefer the Express Tan by St Tropez which you leave on for 1-3 hours depending on how dark you want the tan to be. Although if you are a newbie to fake tan or have pale skin this might be exactly what you are looking for to get that very subtle glow to the skin!  

What do you guys think?   I have done a post about some of my favourite fake tans HERE if you would like to check them out.  I would love to know what you recommend. 

Rach x


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Blue Suede Shoes

I have been meaning to write a blog post on these shoes for a while now.  I was lucky enough to pick these up in the Ted Baker sale a while back and I don't think I have ever been so excited about a  new pair of shoes.   They are amazing.     I think part of the reason I have taken so long to write about them on here is because I just hadn't had the 'right' opportunity to wear them.  I thought that as these shoes are so beautiful I should save them for special occasions and then I thought hang on a minute you only live once wear the damn shoes!    

One of the reasons I love the shoes so much is because they remind of the Manolo's that Carrie Bradshaw had in Sex and the City but to be perfectly honest I think I actually prefer these ones at a fraction of the price!  

I recently went to a wedding and a paired my shoes with this baby blue dress from Boohoo.   Does any one else buy accessories and then  have to plan their whole outfit around a pair of shoes or is that just me?     

Let me know your favourite fashion purchase of the year so far in the comments below, I would love to get some inspiration for the autumn.  

Rach x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fab ways to fake it - Summer Glow

I love wearing fake tan.  Having that summer kissed golden skin without all the effort of laying in the sun for hours, sweating, ew. 

Self tan can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are a newbie.   You don't want to wake up the next morning to find that the 'golden goddess' look you were going for is actually orange and patchy.   This is why my favourite type of self tanner is gradual, I find that it is easier to guide the colour and you can build it up as much as you like throughout the week. 

My favourite is the Dove one, it leaves a gorj colour and I never find that it goes streaky on my skin.  It is only around the five pounds mark and is often on a half price offer in Boots/ Superdrug.   I also really like the Fake Bake Amplify gradual tan, this one has bit of a higher price tag but if you are use to being put off of fake tan because of the smell - this is the one for you!   It smells like a mixture of vanilla and coconuts and is absolutely divine!  

Although I will always prefer gradual tan, it is no quick fix and means that you always need to plan ahead.  If you have last minute plans and need something to slap'on your legs before you run out the door I recommend the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This product is so easy and quick use.   It leaves a gorgeous airbrushed look on your legs whilst also covering up any imperfections that you may be conscious of.   I always spray it on to a mitt and then apply it to assure that it is streak free and so it doesn't go all over my bathroom walls.    The only down side with this one is that it can rub off on to your clothes so I wouldn't wear anything white.      

I have recently being trying out a new Sleep Mask Tan by James Read after receiving it in a Marks and Sparks Beauty Box. I am rather enjoying it at the moment, the colour isn't to dramatic the morning after.   It is a clear gel like formula that you apply all over the face and leave on over night.   I will keep you all up to date with how I get on with this one.  

Please let me know in the comments below what your favourite fake tan is this summer or every summer!  I would love try some of your recommendations.

Rach x

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