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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Holiday Essentials

I hope you all enjoyed my post about my time away in Turkey (HERE).  As promised, here is a post containing all the essentials that you will need if you are off to somewhere sunny this summer. 

Sun Cream - I know this is a pretty obvious one but if you are jetting off abroad sun cream is a MUST have.  The last thing you want is to get burnt on holiday as it is painful and puts you off sun for the rest of your holiday.  It is also extremely dangerous as it can increase the risk of skin cancer.  Although I know applying sun cream regularly when on holiday is very important I am in no way an expert and I would hate to feed you guys false info so please check out what the experts say (HERE). 
 A Summer Hat - I love my floppy hat.  I think it is absolutely perfect for protecting my parting from getting burnt.  Yes, that has happened to me before it was extremely painful and instead of my parting being white per usual it was red (it was extremely embarrassing).  Of course if you aren't interested in buying a big floppy hat because you know that you just wouldn't wear it, I am pretty sure that there are sun creams on the market specifically for protecting your parting. 
I also like that as this hat is so big that it gives the back of your neck extra protection from the sun when you are walking places. 
 Flip Flops

What so you guys think of Havaianas?  I must admit at first I wasn't sold at all.  I didn't understand why everybody was so obsessed with these shoes and in my opinion they were over priced for flip flops.  I would happily spend 20-30 pounds on a nice pair of sandals but I couldn't understand why anybody would pay that much for flip flops. Now I do.  They are honestly the most comfortable pair of flip flops I have ever owned, they don't rub in between your toes and the soles are super soft.
The Sunnies -  Ooo do I love a good pair of sunnies.  For my recent holiday I purchased this cute pair from Topshop (photo above). 
Jellies - Some people love them and some people hate them.  I love them.  That's right, I love the shoes that our Mum's forced us to wear on the beach when we were little.  JELLIES ARE BACK and have been for a while.  I purchased these silver glittery ones last August.  I wanted a pair so bad and searched all over the internet high and low as they were sold out everywhere.  I went in to my local Office and the only sizes they had left was a 7 or 8 and that was no good for my size 4 feet.  I finally found a pair on the American Apparel website in my size and they were mine 4 days later!
Tangle Teezer & Detangle Spray - I have the worlds knottiest hair and I don't know why.   I take good care of my hair but after I get out the shower all the knots and tangles are back.   So when I am on holiday and have been going in the swimming pool and the sea as you can imagine the tangles are 10 times worse.  Therefore if I didn't have my Tangle Teezer to tease out the knots it would have been disastrous.  I also like to spray a leave in  conditioner in my hair for extra help, the one that I like using at the moment is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Light Weight Conditioning Spray (what a mouthful). 

I hope you guys enjoyed having a peek inside my suitcase.  What are your essentials for a summer holiday?
Where you can find my essentials:
Piz Buin - Boots
Floppy Hat - Tesco
Aussie Conditioning Spray - Boots
Tangle Teezer - Boots
Havaianas - JD Sports
JuJu Jellies - American Apparel
Sunnies Topshop


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