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Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Night on the Town

I have been 18 for three months now and I have only just recently had my first night out on the town.  A few weeks back it was my lovely sisters 22nd birthday and we decided this was the perfect opportunity for me, my sister and my cousin to have our first night all together.  They had been out together before as they are both a couple years older than me however this time I got to  join in with the fun instead of sitting at home and watching Strictly with my Mum. 

Of course for this special occasion I needed a special outfit and everything in my wardrobe was just not living up to my expectations.  I am totally guilty of having 1687564583 dresses but still having nothing to wear.  Please tell me I am not the only one? 

This photo was literally taken I was heading out the door haha
Although I wanted a new outfit for my first night out I was not in the mood for breaking the bank.  I picked up this little black dress from Primark for £17.  Although it was a complete bargain I had to justify buying this dress when I had 1687564583 others to choose from at home and as I was walking to the cash register I thought to myself... I don t have another black dress.  How could I not have a LBD in my collection this is a crime.  LBD you are coming home with me. 
The cute coral wedges are also from Primark I think they were about £10 however I don't think you can still get them in store as I got them a while back.  They are my favourite shoes at the moment, they give you a tiny bit of height but are still comfy so you aren't crawling around the floor at the end of the night and my white clutch is from Newlook. 

Why have a glass when you can have a jug?

Left - My sister Hannah
Right - My Cousin Emily

Me and Hannah on her 22nd Birthday!

We had so much fun the night was full of dancing, drinking cocktails and gossiping.  What could be better?  I can't wait to go out again!


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