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Monday, 18 August 2014

The red lip that will last all night...

Don't you hate going to the bathroom on a night out and immediately thinking why did NO ONE tell me my lipstick has smudged all over my face?  It is even worse when you are wearing a red lip and it is ten times more noticeable.

There has been a few reviews about in the recent months about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks and I recently decided to check them out due to very mixed reviews.  I have decided I am very much a fan.  These are the most long lasting lipsticks that I have tried to the extent when it is time to take it off I am scrubbing it off my lips. 

I have only tried out two of the shades Pink Pong and Hot Pepper.  Hot Pepper has to be my favourite which is the  most vibrant red.  The lipsticks are almost a liquid to powder formula and the finish is matte.  I don't know why but I prefer a matte finish when wearing a vibrant red lip.  Although I can find that matte formulas can be very drying on the lips but this is not the case with these at all. 

These do take a little practice before you can apply them well and can be quite messy during the practicing stage.  When you first put it on it is a very thick liquid consistency and you have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry if you want it to stay in that place all day. 

I would definitely recommend these as I think they are the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried.  I also think that they are the most long lasting lipsticks on the market right now.  All for £8.99?


Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Peek Into My Make-Up Bag

Hello lovely ladies.  Today I thought I would give you guys a sneaky peek inside my make-up bag. You nosey lot.  

I chop and change my make-up  bag all the time but I am going to share with you guys my current favourites.


Let's start with the base. 

My Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.  What a beauty.  A lovely dewy finish with a slight shimmer to it.  Perfect for the summer months or what ever you call this weather we are having at the moment.  I have talked about it before in more depth HERE.  

The eyes. 

The Naked 3.  I am loving my Naked 3 pallet by Urban Decay at the moment.  Compared to the Naked 2 there is a lot more pinky shades which I personally prefer.  These shadows are so buttery and are a dream to blend.
For the eyes I am also loving this Eye Shadow Pencil by Collection.  They had a few colours to choose from but Hot Chocolate is defo my fave, how cute is that name.  They are SO easy to use and you are able to do a smokey eye in a matter of seconds.  These are also a lot more appealing if you are on a budget compared to the Naked 3.  £2.99?  What a bargain.

Another cheaper alternative to the Naked 3 that I have to mention is the MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eye Palette.  This palette is so beautiful.  The colour selection is quite girly as there is mainly pink and purple shades but I absolutely love them all.  There is two rows of shadows, a row of six shimmer shades along the top and four matte along the bottom.  I like how MUA have made the matte shades slightly bigger than the shimmers too as these are the ones I tend to reach for the most.  I also have to mention the amazing packaging.  I am in love with the black clutched case with gold studs all over it, I think it makes the product look so much more expensive than £8!  You all need this palette in your life. 

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Noir Excess.  Do I need to say more?  I wasn't sure whether to include this in today's post as I have mentioned it countless times HERE and HERE.  However this mascara is what is currently in my make-up bag and what I am still using on an every day basis. Lovely long, thick and full lashes.  No critics here whatsoever.

The Lips

Surprise surprise another product I have mentioned before. The Rimmel Moisture Renew.  Please forgive me, I just love them so much.  They have such a beautiful range of shades to choose from and are so moisturising on the lips.  Enough said. 
The Tanya Burr lip glosses are not news to anyone within the beauty blogging community.  I have 3 shades myself Exotic Island, Afternoon Tea and Picnic in the Park which are all currently living inside my make-up bag.  These lip glosses have such a beautiful formula they are long lasting, super pigmented and smell a-maz-ing. 
The Cheeks and The Contour
During the summer months everyone wants to look like a golden goddess and one of my favourite products to use lately has been the Bronzing Powder by Bourjois.  It gives your cheeks a beautiful golden glow and does not look orange and muddy at all which is the effect many drugstore bronzers can have.  This bronzer does have a quite shimmer to it but I actually like it and thinks it adds to the golden goddess look. 
For blush I have been loving the Dream Touch cream blushers by Maybelline.  They are a beautiful creamy texture which are so easy to blend.  I should add though a little of this blush goes a VERY long way so unless you want to look like a china doll I would be very careful when applying.  This is speaking from past experience spending ten minutes trying to buff it in to the skin.  I have the pink rose shade in 06. 
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all the beauty products that I am loving right now.  What are your make-up bag essentials? 


Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Night on the Town

I have been 18 for three months now and I have only just recently had my first night out on the town.  A few weeks back it was my lovely sisters 22nd birthday and we decided this was the perfect opportunity for me, my sister and my cousin to have our first night all together.  They had been out together before as they are both a couple years older than me however this time I got to  join in with the fun instead of sitting at home and watching Strictly with my Mum. 

Of course for this special occasion I needed a special outfit and everything in my wardrobe was just not living up to my expectations.  I am totally guilty of having 1687564583 dresses but still having nothing to wear.  Please tell me I am not the only one? 

This photo was literally taken I was heading out the door haha
Although I wanted a new outfit for my first night out I was not in the mood for breaking the bank.  I picked up this little black dress from Primark for £17.  Although it was a complete bargain I had to justify buying this dress when I had 1687564583 others to choose from at home and as I was walking to the cash register I thought to myself... I don t have another black dress.  How could I not have a LBD in my collection this is a crime.  LBD you are coming home with me. 
The cute coral wedges are also from Primark I think they were about £10 however I don't think you can still get them in store as I got them a while back.  They are my favourite shoes at the moment, they give you a tiny bit of height but are still comfy so you aren't crawling around the floor at the end of the night and my white clutch is from Newlook. 

Why have a glass when you can have a jug?

Left - My sister Hannah
Right - My Cousin Emily

Me and Hannah on her 22nd Birthday!

We had so much fun the night was full of dancing, drinking cocktails and gossiping.  What could be better?  I can't wait to go out again!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Holiday Essentials

I hope you all enjoyed my post about my time away in Turkey (HERE).  As promised, here is a post containing all the essentials that you will need if you are off to somewhere sunny this summer. 

Sun Cream - I know this is a pretty obvious one but if you are jetting off abroad sun cream is a MUST have.  The last thing you want is to get burnt on holiday as it is painful and puts you off sun for the rest of your holiday.  It is also extremely dangerous as it can increase the risk of skin cancer.  Although I know applying sun cream regularly when on holiday is very important I am in no way an expert and I would hate to feed you guys false info so please check out what the experts say (HERE). 
 A Summer Hat - I love my floppy hat.  I think it is absolutely perfect for protecting my parting from getting burnt.  Yes, that has happened to me before it was extremely painful and instead of my parting being white per usual it was red (it was extremely embarrassing).  Of course if you aren't interested in buying a big floppy hat because you know that you just wouldn't wear it, I am pretty sure that there are sun creams on the market specifically for protecting your parting. 
I also like that as this hat is so big that it gives the back of your neck extra protection from the sun when you are walking places. 
 Flip Flops

What so you guys think of Havaianas?  I must admit at first I wasn't sold at all.  I didn't understand why everybody was so obsessed with these shoes and in my opinion they were over priced for flip flops.  I would happily spend 20-30 pounds on a nice pair of sandals but I couldn't understand why anybody would pay that much for flip flops. Now I do.  They are honestly the most comfortable pair of flip flops I have ever owned, they don't rub in between your toes and the soles are super soft.
The Sunnies -  Ooo do I love a good pair of sunnies.  For my recent holiday I purchased this cute pair from Topshop (photo above). 
Jellies - Some people love them and some people hate them.  I love them.  That's right, I love the shoes that our Mum's forced us to wear on the beach when we were little.  JELLIES ARE BACK and have been for a while.  I purchased these silver glittery ones last August.  I wanted a pair so bad and searched all over the internet high and low as they were sold out everywhere.  I went in to my local Office and the only sizes they had left was a 7 or 8 and that was no good for my size 4 feet.  I finally found a pair on the American Apparel website in my size and they were mine 4 days later!
Tangle Teezer & Detangle Spray - I have the worlds knottiest hair and I don't know why.   I take good care of my hair but after I get out the shower all the knots and tangles are back.   So when I am on holiday and have been going in the swimming pool and the sea as you can imagine the tangles are 10 times worse.  Therefore if I didn't have my Tangle Teezer to tease out the knots it would have been disastrous.  I also like to spray a leave in  conditioner in my hair for extra help, the one that I like using at the moment is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Light Weight Conditioning Spray (what a mouthful). 

I hope you guys enjoyed having a peek inside my suitcase.  What are your essentials for a summer holiday?
Where you can find my essentials:
Piz Buin - Boots
Floppy Hat - Tesco
Aussie Conditioning Spray - Boots
Tangle Teezer - Boots
Havaianas - JD Sports
JuJu Jellies - American Apparel
Sunnies Topshop

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