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Thursday, 24 April 2014

18 months of pouting

After 18 months of pouting in pictures, the big day has finally come... I got my braces off! Hallelujah.  All of my fellow corn on the cob lovers out there will understand my happiness. 

For 18 months I have had to stop eating my beloved corn on the cob, never bite into apples (to avoid becoming a human apple shredder) and only drink fizzy drinks through a straw - I must admit I did not take the last rule as seriously as I should of done.   Shhhhhhhhhhh *hides head in shame*.

I am so happy with my brand new extra straight teeth and even more happy that they are off before my 18th birthday in May. I know I know, very close call but now their off and I can not stop smiling even at random people on the bus  (weird but true) and licking my teeth (this is a luxury that I believe we all very much take for granted).

Although I moaned and groaned during the whole entire process I am so glad that I did it as I'm sooooooo happy with the result and I would 100% make the same decision tomorrow.  I will definitely be wearing my retainer after I pick it up tomorrow though as I would hate for all the hard work to be a waste of time!

What do you guys think? Rachel x


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